SINCE 1966

Our history

Our story begins in 1966 when Joan and Anna decided to make a change in their lives. With perseverance and enthusiasm they started their project: to design and manufacture their own lamps. To do so, they asked a good friend to let them use a corner of his factory, in order to create some prototypes. Step by step, they were building Lux, this essential business based on the design and manufacture of contemporary lamps. 

Joan in 1988. Magazine “Hogares”.
Anna in 1989. Lux office.

Joan was a charismatic and creative person. His friends said of him that he was cheerful, very sociable, honest and naturally at ease, for which they envied him a lot. From the beginning, he opted for design and quality. He was able to draw a wonderful lamp only by using his notebook and a pencil. He was meticulous as he studied his designs in details, and they always conveyed his Mediterranean personality.

He liked simple and minimalist lamps, without superficial elements and he kept this guideline all his life. He was born with creative ideas without any pretention. Once, in an interview he said: “For me, the satisfaction comes from a job well done, not in fame. I don’t care if no one knows who Joan Cambra is, as long as people like my lamps…”

Anna had an incredible ability to work efficiently. She was organized, rigorous and above all, she inherited the commercial spirit from her father. She was a good seller and soon, she decided to open her own boutique where she could exhibit and sell the lamps designed by Joan. Her exceptional ability to work fast allowed her to run both businesses and without her, Lux wouldn’t  have prospered like it did; Joan and Anna complemented each other perfectly.

Meritxell and Roger, their children and current owners of Luxcambra, were initiated to the world of lighting design since their childhood. Surrounded by lamps and drawings at all time, they learned the tips of the family business early. Both have in their DNA the experience of their parents. During school holidays, they used to play with the pieces they found on tables and learned the business without even noticing it. As they grew, they became involved more and more in the business.

Roger built his knowledge of lighting design from his father’s know-how. He studied design and had always wanted to dedicate his career to manufacture lamps. His experience and entrepreneurial spirit have helped him to face the new challenges of the market. His dedication and openness are transcribed today in Luxcambra, which is also supported by a team of devoted people eager to make the business grow. Roger has inherited from his father the appropriate customer care, and the simplicity transmitted within his lamps. He likes to listen, observe and learn from every project and above all, he likes to make lamps.

Meritxell studied law and joined the company later. She is extremely hardworking and efficient like her mother was. Her experience in the sector and her know-how are now fundamental in the day-to-day development of the company. The brother and the sister form a great team, allowing  the company to expand constantly.

Luxcambra has significantly grown over the last 25 years. In 2000, the Luxcambra market was entirely national while today the company has an export quota over 30%. Now, the company has a whole network of commercial agents in Europe and also in some countries in Asia and Africa. Luxcambra lamps are in homes, offices, hotels and restaurants all around the world.

Its success over the years relies on the close proximity to its employees, the trustworthy collaborations with its partners and the company’s philosophy: listening, learning and improving.

But more importantly, keep on learning.