Wall lamp. Oxford.

The Oxford wall lamp, with its scissor extendable arm system and metal shade, is available in two different fixing systems: either fixed on a rounded base with a joint in the center (Oxford model) or fixed to a bar with two wall supports allowing to lift the scissor up or down (Oxford lift model).

Its swivel joint allows the wall lamp to be articulated vertically and horizontally as needed. It is a very versatile and decorative lamp suitable for both domestic use and contract projects.


Materials and finishes

Structure and metal shade in oxide or black.


Electrical characteristics

Bulb E-27 LED 12W
Max. 42W

General measures

Metal shade diameter 16 cm.

Scissor extendable arm 20-55 cm.

Bar attached to the wall 50 cm.


Lamp for interior use
Lámpara Oxford
Lámpara Oxford
Lámpara Oxford